The POP Business Boutique - Group Mentoring Programme

Building a business can be slow and confusing.  It can be overwhelming at times, there is so much to think about.

So I have brought together a group of like-minded ambitious women in business who have passion and drive, and are looking for the most effective and flexible techniques and processes that will fast track their success. That is what I offer in this online group programme.

This resource hub is the home of our workshop recordings, videos, worksheets.  Everything that you need to succeed.

66 Modules

Goal Progression Sessions

Our regular monthly Goal Progression Sessions.

Time and space to share your main goal, how it’s progressing, what’s getting in the way of progress, next steps and how you’re feeling.

Brainstorming, mindset, reflection, next actions and a sense of excitement guaranteed!

Section 1 - Building Strong Foundations

Contents Section 1 - Building Strong Foundations

All Roads Lead To my Main Objective

Is your WHY (your main objective) so compelling and motivating that you jump out of bed each morning?  Does it make your business feel natural and easy?  Does it help you to overcome obstacles (imposter syndrome, fear, overwhelm, lack of confidence or self worth, procrastination etc)?  If the answer is no, then perhaps you want to rethink, or tweak your WHY, so that it works better for you, and guides you, every single day.

Transformation - for you and your client

This workshop is all about the transformations we want for ourselves and that we provide for our customers and clients.

This is so important in how we serve and how we talk about and market our business.

Ideal Client Vision Board

Why is it so important to visualize your ideal client?

What do you need to know about your ideal client?

How do you create your Ideal Client Vision Board?

How do you use your Ideal Client to grow your business?

We'll answer all these questions in the workshop.

So let's get clear on YOUR ideal client so that you can have more impact and make more sales.

Find Your Brand Vibe with Jane Mucklow

Create a magnetic brand that is meaningful, emotional and beautiful - and attract your ideal clients/customers. 

Market Research

Understanding your customer is so much easier when you ask them what they want, what they don't want, how they make their decisions etc.  There are a range of ways to gather market intelligence and that's what we discuss in this module.  

Managing Your Time

This workshop is all about scheduling your time effectively.  Making progress on your business and maintaining a positive life work balance.  Being more organised, getting more from your day and from your week.

So whether you are time poor or time rich, your time is yours and you are in control.  Schedule the life that makes you happy and fulfilled.

Simple Time Planning

Watch the workshop to learn how to organise your week using simple colour blocking and prioritising. 

Use the pdf checklist each week for a quick reminder of the process so that every week has balance and structure and you feel productive and in control.

Attracting More Of your Ideal Clients

What's your mission?  What change do you want to make in the world?  Who is ready for this transformation?  

This is who we want to attract, because they are ready.  

But HOW do we get their attention? Share our OFFER (the transformation available to them) in such a way that we stand out from the competition and demonstrate that we are the one for them?

That's what we talk about in this session.

Section 2 - Systems and Planning

Contents Section 2 - Systems & Planning

Creating Processes That Make Life Easier

A ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ or SOP is just jargon for an easy to follow step by step workflow, for a process that you perform regularly in your business.

Creating step by step processes for your business make running your business feel less overwhelming, because you don’t need to think about how to do it every time.

  • it’s more likely to get done because you have already recorded how you do it in a way that works well for you.
  • and the power of repetition means that you can see and measure results, which is useful for making future decisions in your business.

In this workshop you will start mapping out and documenting your first simple process.

Quarterly Planning

Create you Q3 2023 plan.

We reflect on progress to date, check in on how we’re feeling, recognise our successes and identify our blocks.
We set financial and audience growth targets, break them down and revisit our messaging and purpose.
We keep it simple and all roads lead to our goals and primary objectives, to keep us focused and on mission.

Make More Sales in 2023

How did 2022 pan out?  What have you achieved and what's next.  

Let's raise our new sales AND our recurring revenue in 2023.  But how?  That's what you'll work out in this workshop.

Creating Your 90 Day Plan

What will you accomplish this quarter?  Create a plan that sets realistic but ambitious targets for the next 90 days so that you consistently develop and grow your beautiful business.

Map Out Your Next Goal

Have you got a great idea but you're not quite sure how to make it a reality?  Map it out into projects and individual steps.  What do you need to think about, and action?   In this workshop you'll create your own easy to follow, step by step process.

When Time Is Short

There are certain times of the year when time is in short supply - school holidays, moving house, during big events, when you're taking a well earned break.  Some strategic planning is all it takes to not only manage your business during these times, but also keep it growing.

Where will they go next? The customer journey.

Taking someone from complete stranger to paying customer or client can take several steps. It's your job to be their guide through your business as you nurture them and educate them about the transformation you provide.  Increase your conversion rates with a well thought out customer journey strategy.

Project Management using Trello

How will you manage your next project to ensure that it not only happens but that you complete it? To the best of your ability.

Map out your next project and then manage that project using a project management tool (Trello) to progress consistently.  Business development projects are the key to business growth

Section 3 - Marketing

Contents Section 3 - Marketing

Using AI in Your Business to Inspire You and Save You Time

This module comprises :

  • a workshop video
  • workbook
  • and the AI generated summary from zoom of the original session

The AI tools we use in this session are: Gemini, Chat GPT,, Emoji Keyboard Online and Zoom Summary

My Marketing Pillars

What do you want to consistently talk about in your marketing, whether it's online or in person?

What does your ideal customer or client need to hear from you?

How can you use their problem and your empathy to create connection?

How can you showcase your:

  • expertise
  • values
  • uniqueness
  • credibility
  • objectives

Through your own marketing pillars.

Learn what they are and how to choose yours in the workshop.

Use the workbook to record your decisions.

BONUS - I recap on a super simple technique to map out a week of social media content in 5 minutes.

Create Your Marketing Content Library

In these two workshops we walk through the stages of creating an extensive library of resources to draw on each time you create a new piece of marketing content?

Categories and themes, research, collect and store. 

Using the resources provided plus Pinterest and Trello, by the end of the module you'll have an eclectic mix of content and the tools and techniques that will ensure that you'll never again scrabble around for inspiration.

Map and Schedule 1 month of content

Spend just 30 minutes each month to map out ALL your content for 4 weeks

Hook Story Offer

Every piece of marketing content needs a hook, a story and an offer.

Find out why and how this formula will grab peoples attention, bring them into your world and get them to take action.


Your potential customers could work with any number of people. Why will they choose to work with you?  Because there is something about you - your story, your journey, where you've been and what you bring. That's what helps them feel that , with you in their corner, they can conquer their biggest challenges.

Using Empathy Maps to Get Inside Your Client’s Head

To show empathy and understanding for our clients we need to think like they do.  

Effective Lead Magnets that Grow Your Email List

Lead magnets are a fun and effective way to grow your email list and build your authority as a business owner. In this mentoring session we look at how you can create a resource that has people eager to subscribe to your list.

Creating a landing page on Canva - workshop

In this module we go through the principles and structure of an effective landing page.  We use Canva as an example platform.

Creating short videos and Reels on Canva

Do you want to create eye catching videos and Reels but you're not sure where to start?  Here is a way to use Canva to make product videos, share your services and entertain your audience.

Creating a Podcast

Creating a podcast doesn't need to be complicated.  In this workshop I take you through what you need to consider when planning a podcast and the process of creating it, including tech.

Creating An Ad For Facebook or Instagram

Are you ready to promote your business through paid Ads?  The first step is to create an Ad that stops the scroll, piques their interest and get your ideal client or customer taking action.

If you're not quite ready to pay for ads, use this lesson to improve your posts to increase your engagement, grow your audience and increase brand recognition.

This is a step by step to creating effective social media content.

LinkedIn Masterclass

Your competitors are getting customers and clients on LinkedIn every day so why not you?

A third of business professionals are on LinkedIn. They have a growth mindset and the money to invest in themselves and their business.

LinkedIn is a hybrid between a B2B social media platform and a search engine. It is an important LEAD GENERATION platform and  a great way for potential clients to find you.

It is also a powerful online networking tool.

So how can you use LinkedIn as a potential income opportunity for you?

Section 4 - Business Growth

Contents Section 4 - Business Growth

The Pathway of Progress

The Pathway of Progress is my signature system that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be.  It combines all of the elements that I teach and incorporates them into a logical flow that can be applied at every level  of your business.

Setting and Reaching Financial Targets

We're talking financial targets and how to achieve them.

1st we WORK OUT what we want our IDEAL OUTCOME to be.

Next we calculate what that equates to in terms of product sales.

Who do you want to BE to make that happen.

Who is READY to buy?

And lastly, how to determine your pricing.

Building Your Business in a Recession

Media scare stories of lack and hardship are hard to ignore.  But outside forces should not determine your success.  So we're going to question the narrative and focus on our own path, and how we can continue to grow our business regardless of what is going on in the world.

Memberships and Group Programmes

Memberships, Group programmes, Subscriptions, Courses, Masterminds. There are lots of ways to work with groups to scale your recurring revenue.  Which one works for you?

Workshops and Online Courses

How to run workshops or online courses.

Use the workbook to lay solid foundations for your new workshop or online course.  From concepts and content to structure, tech and delivery.  Make decisions and map it out.

Watch the workshop recording to guide your through the process.

Ideas To Scale Your Business pt1 and pt2

Do you want to increase your income without spending a lot more time, money and energy?

In this workshop we look at how you can increase your REVENUE without a big increase in resources.

Ideas to scale your business so that you can bring in more profit without burning out?

Understanding Profit in Your Business

Are you fully aware of how much profit you're making?

Do you have control over your costs?

In this workshop we look at understanding profit so that we can make good business decisions and predict future growth.  We also look at ideas to increase profit within our current business model.

Section 5 - Mindset and Well-being

Contents Section 5 - Mindset & Well-Being

Conquering Your Limiting Beliefs

Unhelpful Thoughts to Positive Beliefs

In this session we talk about the importance of noticing triggers of unhelpful habitual thoughts and labels, and understanding their likely origin.  We work on not just changing the thought but also implementing strategies to make the new belief a reality so that you can expand your horizons and improve your self-confidence.

Forming Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits

Up to 45% of our day is habitual.  That's both good and bad habits.  So lets ditch the bad habits and form new better habits so that every day is more productive and satisfying.

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable - Break through your upper limit

We all have those moments of fear or discomfort.  It's one of the most common obstacles for entrepreneurs and business owners.  Overcome your limiting self beliefs and smash through your upper limit.

Money Mindset

Do you believe that you can have a highly profitable business, create wealth and even be rich? 

Do you deserve wealth?  Do you need luck or to be ruthless to attain it?

Who can become rich?  What kind of person are they and how do they live?

Our learnt and inherited beliefs around money can limit our potential and even stop us from dreaming big.

This module starts by unearthing your limiting beliefs and questions where they came from and whether they are really true.

Imposter Syndrome

Who doesn’t get Imposter Syndrome? Most of us do. And that’s ok. But wouldn’t it be great to manage it when it rears its ugly head. To have ways of redirecting our attention and change that story. And how about a proven technique to bring the anxiety down so that we can overcome and succeed in spite of it.

That's what you will find in this module

Well-Being And Self-Development

Here you will find supplementary resources to aid your business growth, from exercises that will maintain you posture and comfort throughout the day, to self improvement and business books that you may find helpful in your entrepreneurial journey.

Modules for this product 66
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