Welcome to Libby Knight's business courses and the POP Business Boutique Group Mentoring Programme

This is an exclusive community for ambitious and determined women in business who value their time and have big dreams. In the POP Business Boutique we understand the power of productivity and positive mindset.

Here we work to live. We want a positive life / work balance but we’re not afraid of working to get what we want.

My mission is to inspire you, motivate you and help you to keep accountable to your big goals. To be more effective at work and home.

The core practices of the POP Business Boutique are:





In-depth training, expert guests, Q&A’s.

You’ll streamline your processes, be more organised, have the fundamentals in place, systemise, automate.

The result? You’ll make faster progress, save time, energy and money.

Available Products

The POP Business Boutique - Group Mentoring Programme

Join the POP Business Boutique, a group mentoring programme for creative, ambitious and proactive business women who are ready to be more effective and make faster progress.

ELEVATE Business Club Membership

The Business Club for women running their own businesses in Tonbridge and the surrounding towns and villages.
Community, connection and collaboration - with a focus on your well-being.

In-person and on-line events.

Network and learn, co-working, social events and more.

One Day Business Retreat

Come to the heart of the Kent countryside and step back, review, recharge and create a plan for the next stage of your business.

Be amongst likeminded women who are looking for clarity in their business. Receive guidance to help you grow in a way that works for you.

Next event - Thursday June 15th

The Ultimate 4 Step Personal Productivity Formula

Welcome to The Ultimate 4 Step Personal Productivity Formula. 

Create time freedom, through practical skills and a new positive time mindset. Take charge and remove the overwhelm today.  This digital self-paced course is designed to be completely flexible around any lifestyle and through every stage of life. It moulds to you, not the other way around.

Weekly Planner Pad

The Weekly Planner is a useful tool in your time management and productivity strategy.

Make your time count.  Whether you're striving to achieve your personal work goals or looking for a better life work balance, this planner is the tool to success.

ELEVATE Business Club Member's Questionnaire

The aim of this questionnaire is for members of ELEVATE Business Club (formerly Raise Up Business Club) to share their thoughts, feelings and desires about the membership.  The answers will help me to create events, opportunities and features for the future.

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